Best Overstocks

Best Overstocks is an international company that has specialized in the acquisition of overstocked products for more than 30 years. Located in New Jersey, Best Overstocks has worked with the world's largest companies in electronics, home goods, clothing, and media to help create a network of selling opportunities for overstocked product.

In the music category, Best Overstocks has worked with major and independent labels, large and independent retailers and distribution companies of all size to assist in the efficient and owner-directed liquidation of overstocked products.

As experts in the liquidation of overstocks, and the potential issues that might arise, Best Overstocks will allow you to choose the acceptable destinations for your product, including which territories your products can appear.
100 Outwater Lane, Suite 1D - Garfield, NJ 07026
Phone: (973) 340-1800